Jan 18 • 3M

Episode 2: The Crisis of Democracy

The Postliberals explain why birth should be free—and how fascist social science smeared Catholics as the 'real fascists', in an effort to enshrine value relativism as the national ideal.


Appears in this episode

Adrian Vermeule
Chad Pecknold
Gladden Pappin
Patrick J. Deneen
Join Patrick Deneen, Gladden Pappin, Chad Pecknold and Adrian Vermeule as they survey the emerging postliberal order with insights on the month’s debates in politics, religion and law.
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In episode 2, Patrick, Gladden, Chad and Adrian discuss democracy, the trajectory of the modern Right, Americans United for Life’s new proposal to “Make Birth Free,” and their plans for Episode 3. Enjoy a free sample, and become a paid subscriber to access the full episode!

In advance of episode 3, devoted to a discussion of Adrian Vermeule’s recent wor…

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