Pieter Breughel the Younger, The Village Lawyer, ca. 1621, Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent. Is it possible to be simultaneously astonished and yet also…
Gladden Pappin speaks to the French magazine L’incorrect about the current state of American politics
Some subscribers have asked how they can further support our work. Our answer is simple: bring more readers into the conversation. So we’re encouraging…
It’s not uncommon to find learned people glossing over truths they’ve studied. They might do so simply out of forgetfulness, or in sympathy with their…
The Architect of Our Cultural Revolution is a Feminist Few Have Read
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What’s Wrong with the Proposition: “Return to the Founders to Save America”
Gladden Pappin writes from Budapest after Hungary’s Viktor Orbán receives a fourth consecutive supermajority
Why Men Are Essential to Postliberal Order
Five features of emergent postliberal order
There is no “Open Society”
New multipolar internet just dropped